Sunday, 30 June 2013


After ripping open the gift wrap in what can only be regarded as indescribable excitement, I knew this would be love at first sight.  Gucci Premiere Eau de Parfum is in high demand and in so many wish-lists, but as a luxury purchase, I thought I would write a mini review for you all.

So, let's talk packaging. On receiving this product, whether it is a gift to yourself or from a family member or friend you will be in awe of the beautiful packaging. If you are anything like myself the packaging is as equally important as the product itself. It is important not to judge a book by it's cover, but, you will be right on track. The box has a Gatsby feel, with a champagne colour and the double G symbols creating a unique pattern. The gold theme runs through onto the perfume bottle which is a reflective golden bottle with an attached decorative charm on the neck of the perfume bottle. Again, the Gucci signature is on the bottle stopper, and gives an immediate luxurious feel.

So, onto the most important part. The scent.  Scents are unique to each person, but what I can say about this perfume is that it is a sophisticated scent: If you are one for fruit scents this is probably not for you. This scent is rather woods, giving a musky tone, yet with citrus undertones from the orange blossom and bergamot. This is a feminine, natural yet sophisticated scent that people from the age of 21+ would appreciate. I am drawn to this fragrance for more glamorous occasions, which is mimicked in the extravagant packaging and alluring scent.

We have the 75ml which retails at £77.00 from Debenhams, so make sure you read this review and get a tester before you buy. This is also available at most department stores.

How do you rate the perfume??? 

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