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I bought this concealer sometime ago now, as it is supposed to be the perfect match to my  Missha BB cream that I use and I was in need of a heavy duty concealer. This product is available in two different shades: #21 and #23 which suit pale to medium tanned skin. The concealer contains brightening focus powder which is popular in Korean products, as it brightens skin tone, hides dark circles, and even out hyper-pigmentation. The Concealer is also incredibly long lasting with a rather impressive full coverage due to the amino acid pigment.

The concealer is packaged beautifully giving an impression of a high-end product - Not too dissimilar to the cream YSL blush pots. The container looks like it is made from glass but it is actually plastic, so it will not smash if you accidentally drop it – which is lucky for me!  The lid is embossed with a floral pattern of the Missha logo, which is very striking. This will certainly be the best looking product in your makeup kit. An added bonus to this heavy duty, creamy, beautifully packaged concealer is the golden concealer brush that accompanies the product, and even better - it is a fantastic brush!

Some of the main ingredients in this product are ingredients: fullerene, skin liquid lamellar sheet, amino acid coating pigment, butter complex: shea butter, cupuacu butter, cocoa butter; white flower complex and tea complex. This is great as they are mostly natural skin loving ingredients.

The concealer feels velvety and rich in texture which blends perfectly, however I don't think it is suitable for all skin types. I personally found that when my skin is particularly dry, the concealer looked slightly cakey and does not blend nicely, emphasising any dry areas. If you have very dry skin then you should use a moisturiser such as Oilatum before use. Also as you can see from the swatch picture, the concealer is rather peachy/ yellowy undertone which is excellent for balancing out any red patches or spots that may be on your skin.

Before Concealer                               After Concealer
You can find this product online here:   at a retail price of £13.15 including postage. Some people may find this product slightly on the pricey side, but I believe it is well worth the money and would be a staple in your makeup collection.

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