Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Every girl dreams of her fairy tale wedding, inspired by Cinderella, Belle and our personal favourite, Ariel.  But thanks to the Disney Company it is now possible!!!

We were browsing the web when we came across a brand new collection of engagement rings, which were…. Wait for it … DISNEY! We took this as a sign that we MUST do a Disney wedding blog post as everybody loves Disney and if you say you don’t then you are lying ;)

The 2013 engagement ring collection is absolutely beautiful. We love the simple design of the single stone, with a unique fairytale twist seen in the ring bearings, which will add something truly magical to your wedding day!

Here are the Disney Engagement rings..... Just look at how pretty they are!

My personal favourite is the Cinderella ring because I love the way he ring bearing has a beautiful pumpkin carriage design. Steph’s favourite rings are Jasmine and Ariel. Let's face it, all these rings are incredibly cute and we want one of each! I think it is amazing how they have made each of the rings individual to the princesses and they do actually resemble their stories, whilst appealing to a broad audience due to the simplistic design on the single stone ring.

After looking at the rings we thought we would take it up a notch and find the ideal Disney inspired dress to complete the  Disney Princess them!  This was when we discovered the wedding dress collection by Alfred Angelo where there are dress designs inspired from Ariel, Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, Sleeping beauty, Rapunzel and Tiana. Click here to see the whole collection.

There are so many dresses perfectly meeting the Disney Princess criteria. They are all so stunning and a reasonably priced too. We know we are far from our wedding day but we simply couldn't resist planning ahead after looking at this collection.
Finally to finish off the look make sure you bag yourself a pair of Louboutin’s Cinderella shoes!



If you have a wedding to plan and want to follow tradition but with a fairytale twist, then we think that the Disney Princesses Collection is the way to go! Every bride wants to be a princess on her special day, and Disney has now made it possible!

What is your favourite Disney Princess Collection?

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Saturday, 27 July 2013


Alberto VO5 Strong Hold Weather Resistant Hair Spray


L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Classic Strength Hairspray


We consider these to be our top of the high street budget friendly hairsprays...but which is the ultimate champion? Time to battle it out!

We trialled both sprays, half a head each, and were able to compare the results as the day went on. We both sported sleek up do's for the occasion, and thought it was the ultimate test for a long 12 hour day, facing harsh weather conditions: heat, humidity, wind, and rain.


Alberto VO5 Strong Hold Weather Resistant Hair Spray


·         Brushes out easily with minimal remaining residue.

·         Lovely fruity scent - not the traditional suffocating feeling!

·         Incredibly long lasting - 12 hours.

·         Natural looking finishes - no obvious hairspray visible, but holds well.

·         Exceptionally endures all weather conditions.

·         Awesomely cute packaging.

·         Adds a health shine to hair.

·         Fast drying.

·         UV filters to protect hair against environmental damage.


·         Preferable without a lid like Elnett design - easier to travel with and saves time.


L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Classic Strength Hairspray


·         Brushes out easily and leaves hair feeling softer than the VO5 Hairspray.

·         Long-lasting - 10 hours.

·         Provides a sleek natural effect without any obvious product in the hair due to micro diffuser.

·         Simple, classic design and packaging - very well put together.

·         Fast drying.

·         Prevents frizz in humid conditions.

·         Easy to travel with and use on the go.


·         Distinct scent that is personally considered overwhelming - open windows people!

·         Not entirely weather resistant: Wind& Rain.

Both Hairsprays are fantastic high street products, and after battling it out we have concluded it is a tie! Sarah prefers VO5, and I am loyal devotee to Elnett. Both are great products, and easily compete to high end premium hairsprays.

Both products may be purchased in Boots, as well as other high street stores. VO5 400ml retails at £3.05 and Elnett 400ml retails at £6.60.

What do you think to these products, and which are your favourites?

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013


This is another Korean skin care product that is simply amazing. We initially trialled a sample of this serum, but instantly fell in love with it after the first use, so we felt compelled to purchase a full sized bottle. The serum contains marine stem cell complex which helps to balance radiance, moisture and elasticity to give a youthful complexion. This is done simply by filling in the gaps inside the skin to create smooth rejuvenated skin.
The ingredients included in the product are:
1. ULVALAX:  So called as nutrient storage of the sea, rich in Polypeptide and essential vitamins, it helps make your skin healthy, and provides elasticity.
2. RHIZOPHARA MANGLE CALLUS CULTURE EXTRACT: Natural seawall in the Caribbean Sea and southeast coastline, it soothes and protects the Skin against harmful environmental factors, whilst keeping the skin moisturised.
3. CHAETOMORPHA SOLITARIA CALLUS CULTURE EXTRACT:  Seaweed of Cladophoraceae, containing vitamin and minerals aid skin by giving a youthful smooth complexion.
4.HIZIKIA CALLUS CULTURE EXTRACT: Seaweed which makes scenery in deep sea, containing salt like calcium and iodine, it helps pure and clear skin.
5. EXTRAT OF THE ROOT OF HYACINTH: A Hydroponic plant which grows naturally in the Mediterranean keeps skin balance and makes moist skin.
As you can see from the ingredients it is a natural skin product which works wonders for your skin. The serum itself is white in colour, fragrance free, with a medium consistency. 2-3 pumps of the product is al that is needed after cleansing and toning.
The results the next morning are outstanding! My face felt as soft as silk. My face had never been so moisturised without feeling greasy. If you were to regularly use this product I think the results would be incredible and your skin would be totally transformed. This is now an essential item in my skincare routine. We purchased this serum here for £16.71 which for 40ml is a bargain, especially considering the reputation of the MISSHA brand.
If you have tried this product or any other Korean Serums let us know how you found them in the comments area below- we are always looking to try out new things!
As we are new to blogging, this product is dedicated to our 200th Twitter Follower - Enjoy!
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Friday, 19 July 2013


Let's go to the Beach - each, let's go get away.....!

Here are our favourite things we like to use on those hot summer days roasting in the sun :)


Clinique After Sun Rescue With Aloe:
This is great for all skin types and is very soothing after a day roasting in the sun. A little goes a long way, it smells great and has a light texture which leaves your skin feeling beautifully hydrated and soothed which is very important for prolonged periods of time outdoors to prevent sun damaged skin. Click here to go to the website.

Tri Swim Anti Chlorine Shampoo:
This is an amazing find which we found online. It is an amazing shampoo that gets rid of chlorine and its odour from your hair which is a pretty good buy for when you go swimming. The shampoo contains aloe which is very moisturising and conditioning for your hair, other ingredients are vitamins E and A and pro-vitamin B5 which removes the green tinge chlorine can give to coloured hair. To find this product click here.

Biotherm Lait Solaire SPF 30:
It is very important to protect your skin in these summer months where the sun can lead to premature aging and skin cancer. This product is light in consistency and melts into the skin and spreads easily with fast absorption which does not leave a sticky residue so you don’t have to worry about sand sticking to your skin. At £16.50 it is a little bit pricey but it is definitely effective and sometimes you can find it on offer in Boots.

Rayban Wayfarer Blue Gradient Light Blue:
We love Rayban’s, they really are the coolest sunglasses out there! They are very stylish and the bright statement gives a modern twist on the traditional Rayban look which is perfect for the beach this summer. Click here for the web page.

Telescopic Water Proof Mascara By Loreal:
A mascara that gives your lashes great length and volume for a fake lash appearance. We love this mascara because of the thin wand which makes sure that every single lash is coated and separated which makes it easier to get the doe eyed look. The waterproof formula does not smudge and is great for this humid weather and days by the pool or in the sea. You can find this product at Boots.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Perfume:
This is the epitome of a tropical getaway with overtones of coconut and orange blossom. You should definitely get this to finish of your beach attire and give a fruity yet delicious scent that will give you the confidence of a bronze goddess. We purchased our perfume here.

Chanel Holiday Nail Polish (617):
This orangey red shade is always hot in summer and is a vibrant fun colour for the beach. It looks great with all skin tones if you want to add a pop of colour. The nail polish may be expensive at a price of £17.50 but it is well worth the money as its intense colour and glossy formula is fast drying and long lasting so you don’t have to worry about it chipping on the beach. Our nail polish came from Boots.

Beach Bag: 
A statement tote beach bag is essential for any day trips or holidays abroad. We love our bold coral shade bag with contrasting tan leather handles as it really makes your outfit summery, also it is perfect to hold all of your essentials. We got ours from TKMaxx last year but there are many more similar style bags that you can find.

Havaianas Flip Flops:
These are the coolest flip flops you can find; luckily you can get them in many different colours which are very on trend this summer. These comfy flip flops are perfect for walking around town or going to the beach and teamed up with a bright nail polish you will have fab looking feet! Get them here on the Havaianas website.

Bumble And Bumble Surf Spray:
This is great to spray in your hair, it gives you a sexy natural beach wave and reduces frizz which may occur in the humid summer.  All you have to do is spray into your hair and leave it to dry. You only have to make sure that you don’t touch your hair too much as it will cause the surf spray to wear off. We got ours from their official website

Shiseido Sun Protection Lip Treatment With SPF 20:
In the summer months when you are out enjoying the heat, it is easy to forget about your lips. With this Shiseido sun protection lip treatment your lips will be protected from the sun’s UV rays as the SPF 20 in the balm prevents them drying out and cracking. You can find this fab purchase at Boots.

Fekkai Summer Hair After Sun Daily Mask:
The Fekkai hair mask helps to protect your hair from harmful elements when sunning yourself at beach. It has a rich formula that will stop your hair from drying out and keep it silky smooth. It is suitable for all hair types and we highly recommend this product if you want to have luscious locks in the summer times. Our came from their amazing website!

We realise this was rather a long blog post but we hope that you like our beach favourites and it has helped you to prepare for your fun trip to the beach! 

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Thursday, 18 July 2013


As a skin care junky I jumped at the opportunity to test the new no7 Beautiful Skin range, consisting of cleansing balms, waters, gels, exfoliates, moisturisers, serums, and masks. As someone who is constantly on the go when it comes to skincare I am looking for something quick and easy to use which importantly is EFFECTIVE, and does make a positive change to our skin. As a result I have been particularly impressed with the Foaming Cleanser for normal to oily skin.  While I love playing with make-up there is little point in buying lovely products to cover your skin, when it's your skin that needs a bit of TLC. This product is great as it is quick and easy to use, whether it's when you hop into the shower or used on the No7cleansing brush.
The Foaming Cleanser is invigorating and great first thing in the morning - it does in fact make you feel 'human'....especially when you could have used 3 hours longer in bed! The product has a subtle yet pleasant fragrance, and is soap free. Compared to my traditional cream cleanse regime I have found this as a significant improvement as it removes so much more product that before, as I would typically need a double cleanse, whereas one cleanse with this product does the job!

As I have oily skin I have noticed a marked improvement since using this cleanser in the morning. Where I would need a mattifying moisturiser, such as Good Things Mattifying Moisturiser, the oil product has been greatly reduced, and as a result my blemish prone areas have been resolved! So yes....this was definitely love at first cleanse!!!

Normally this product retails at £9.00 at Boots, but if you are lucky enough to find the magical £5 pounds off vouchers that seem to be floating about this product could be yours for only £4.00!

Overall, I am very impressed with the Beautiful Skin range produced by No7, particularly this cleanser. Another firm favourite is the Cleansing balm which is used in my evening skincare routine. For more reviews on the Beautiful Skin range simply comment below.

What is your favourite No7 Be Beautiful Skincare Product?
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I have been eyeing up the Clarasonic for quite some time now. With amazing reviews it seemed like something that is a must have for everybody. But if you are like me, the £175.00 price tag is rather off putting. And that is when I discovered the incredible No7 cleansing brush, which is a high street dupe for the Clarasonic. And even better, I bought this on sale at £15.00 rather than £25.00 from Boots.
For those of you who are looking for the next best things, this is it. It is incredible, affordable and leaves great results. It is packed nicely, and has a plain white case with the No7 logo on the back of the brush head, giving a contemporary and timeless feel to the product. Unlike the Clarisonic which is charged electronically via a plug, this product is battery operated. Two AA batteries are supplied with the product for £15.00. The product has removable brush heads which are simple to clean and swap when necessary.
The Cleansing brush has two speeds. Medium and Fast. We find the first medium setting is the best for our skin, as the faster setting feels rather 'scratchy' against out skin, and for those of you with sensitive skin this would not be a good feeling. The first setting after cleansing leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, and more clean than it ever has been. We were rather sceptical about how much product it would remove and how great our skin would feel afterwards, but it is a fantastic product which in time will be reflected in the condition of our skin. It minimises the appearance of blackheads and large open pores, as well as reducing oil levels too.

The No7 advisor informed us to use a foaming cleanser with this as it is most suitable for our combination skin type. Click here for a separate review on the no7 foaming cleanser review.

As we have never owned a Clarasonic I cannot directly compare results. The only disadvantage to the No7 Cleansing Brush is that it is battery operated, and the brush head could be softer to enable the faster setting to be used. These are features that may be more refined in the Clarasonic, but for those of you on a budget looking for the next best thing....look no further than the boots no7 counter for the cleansing brush is which is currently on  offer for £10 pounds less than the normal retail price.

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Thursday, 11 July 2013


Well this is a lovely little mid-week pick me up from Boots. Scented with tea flower, this gentle clay mask is a great quick fix for oily skin, which minimises breakouts.

''It contains Salicylic Acid proven to help unclog congested skin and oil-absorbing Dead Sea Mud rich in Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium and Iron for the perfect detox facial at home. Avocado oil rich in vitamins A, D and E with Acacia Honey further help skin rebalance itself to reveal clearer, refreshed-looking complexion.

Super Facialist is a comprehensive range suitable for everybody- combining natural extracts, high performance scientific ingredients and exquisite aromas to give the best results- healthy, beautiful, youthful looking skin''.

We both have oily skin which is blemish prone. As a result we often use face masks, about 3-4 times per week to help control oil and minimise pores. The Super Facialist mask is great as a mid-week treat. It's soothing, with a great fragrance should you like the scent of tea flower. it is easy to apply with a medium consistency and dries relatively quickly. I usually leave the mask on for approximately five minutes, by which time darker grey areas appear where oil and toxins have been drawn out of my pores. Afterwards my face feels refreshed and oil levels are greatly reduced.

This mask is fantastic for mid-week application, and is less intense than other masks, but does help keep those pesky oil skin problems at bay. As it is more mild than other masks, it may be more suitable for people with sensitive skin, however a patch test would confirm this.

The product retails at £8.99 at Boots, and is often on offer, so if you are shopping this weekend, head to Boots and buy this for the beginning of great looking skin.

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Saturday, 6 July 2013


Okay, so you may be a tad freaked out about the snail slime. I know I was to begin with – this sounds like some sort of Halloween product right? Although the snail slime is in there for a reason, it actually helps to reduce aging skin by making your skin produce more collagen, and therefore give you youthful skin. It also protects the skin by forming a moist protection layer.

This is the first Skin 79 bb cream I have used so I thought I was being pretty brave considering the 45% snail filtrate in it, but I am very pleased that I gave it a go; I bought the bb cream on Ebay for £20, which for 40g may have been a tad excessive, but it was worth giving it a try.

I rather like this product because not only does it give a dewy appearance – for obvious reasons ^^^ - it also contains SPF 45 which protects you skin from sun damage and also the packaging is lovely, it is a gold pump on a creamy/pearly container which makes it look very high end.

When I applied the bb cream I found that it was different from my usual Missha bb cream because instead of having a gray undertone it was more pink based so you don’t look quite as pasty faced. Another difference I found from the Missha bb cream is that this one was very runny, which means that it gives slightly less coverage yet it is still enough for days where you just want light dewy makeup instead of heavy matt makeup.

I do really like this bb cream as it is very light and dewy which is great for the summer months, and it gives a very natural, bright, finish to your skin. I do prefer more heavy duty coverage as I often get breakouts which need covering up but if you are lucky enough to have almost clear skin then this would be perfect for you. The only problem I have with this bb cream is that it is very difficult to find and as a result it can be pretty pricey: I have found the bb cream can go as high a price as £35.00.

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