Saturday, 7 September 2013


We know everybody loves scented candles, and with autumn approaching (the season of scented candles) we thought we should do a review about new exciting discovery. The obvious high street candle is Yankee Candles, but these have been reviewed to death so we looked into something different. We decided to review a low budget candle which smells and looks just as good in our opinion as Yankee. Admittedly it did take us a while to find one that was good enough but we have finally done it!

We were looking in the Sainsburys homeware isle and this tin caught my eye.  The tin is so pretty and eye catching; I was tempted to buy the candle purple for decoration even if it didn’t smell that great.  Luckily for me it smells like heaven! I could easily just sit around and sniff this candle, which I realise is extremely sad but hey ho, and the best thing that Sainsburys offer an extensive range of tinned candles which are all beautifully packaged, and beautifully scented.

The candle I bought is Passion flower and mango scented with notes of peach, mango, passion flower, sandalwood and soft vanilla. This was my favourite scent because it smells he scent is strong but not overpowering. Also the candle does not have a chemical aroma which some of the cheaper candles do. Apart from the fact that the candle looks high end and smells better than some of the Yankee candles, another bonus is the price. You can purchase this candle for around £3.00 from your local Sainsburys and often they are on the sale: Mine cost £1.75 which is such a phenomenal bargain for candles! I was tempted to buy one of every scent but then I thought I would ask my sister to get me them for Christmas instead ;)

So the next time you pop down to your local Sainsburys, I HIGHLY recommend having a look at their scented candles and buying one for yourself. Don’t forget to let us know what your favourite scent it.

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  1. I bought one of the room sprays yesterday.. they smell delicious! :)

    1. Have you smelt their new Christmas scented candles? there is one which I think is called Christmas Spice and it literally smells festive :D