Sunday, 29 September 2013


This is the latest gradual tanner that we have been testing out. As we are rather fair skinned and only wanted subtle sun kissed look, we decided to go for the light-medium shade of gradual everyday moisturizer.

We found that this tanner was perfect for us and definitely gave us the bronzed goddess look of being on holiday. This gives a healthy and natural glow to the skin, rather than the tangoed effect with the strong biscuit scent other products provide! This product is great as it can be used for a subtle effect or can be built up for the 2 weeks in Spain look.

While this is a tanning moisturizer the same steps apply as they would for general fake tanning to avoid classic mishaps. We found the best way of applying the gradual tanner to get an even golden look is to exfoliate, focusing particularly on  drier areas such as knees and elbows, and then apply un-tinted moisturizer to these places so that the tan is not as heavily absorbed into on these areas leaving you looking like a brown kneed weirdo….. (We all know these people!) Apply the gradual tanner evenly and preferably using a tanning mitt to prevent streaks and then washing your hands afterwards.

One of the things we loved about this tanner was that the effects were almost instant. In fact, you could noticeably see a difference in skin colour after around 6 hours which is why St Tropez is one of our all time favourite tanning brands. Also, unlike other tanning brands, this cream does not have the notorious biscuit scent so you don’t have to worry about going out smelling like a Mc Vittie!

If you are interested in purchasing this fantastic gradual tanner then just click here.

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