Monday, 28 October 2013


Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula!

I have always been a fan of super thick moisturising body butters for this time of year, and typically tend to opt the old favourite Body shop butters. However with the change in weather I had decided to venture into a different brand to see if there is anything else that can beat my love of the body shop body butters.

It then occurred to me that my hands are super soft after using the Palmer's cocoa butter for hands, so decided to test other things in the brand.

I opted for the Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Body lotion. Typically the consistency of anything Palmers is super dense and hydrating, therefore by reading lotion I anticipated a very thin solution which was hydrating, but not to the extent of body butter.  Oh my goodness, this must be the best product of all time. It has a pretty thick consistency but not to the extent of a butter, but so much better than a lotion. It hydrates my skin so week, is none greasy and leaves my skin looking healthy, smooth and soft to touch. The lotion is also fanatic for summer as it contains SPF 15 and has UVA/UVB protection.

The only negatives are that as the lotion has a yellow colour to it, it can mark white clothing such as uniform tops so beware! And for some people the fragrance may be a little off putting, personally I rather like it, and it reminds me of the body shop Brazil nut collection.

This was an absolute bargain at £2.00 at Boots who often have great skin care deals. Although this normally retails at £3.99 which is a great deal. A little goes a long way, and it is so hydrating I find I don't need to moisturise daily which is another brownie point for palmers. A great find this this time of year.

What are your holy grail moisturiers for this time of year? 

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Saturday, 19 October 2013



1)      For your base, get yourself a pale foundation which is lighter than your natural skin tone. Vampires are supposed to be the living dead so the pastier you look the better.
2)      Next I went for eye shadow. I decided to use purple tones in light and medium, with a black eye shadow for contour. Start with the palest shadow and apply over the whole eye region, then use the middle purple shade and sweep across your lid. Next I used the black eye shadow to give a smoked effect; I did this by applying to the outside edges of the eyes. If you want to get the crisp lines as shown in the picture then stick a post it note diagonally across the outside of your eye so that the eye shadow does not blend into the rest of your skin, when you peel the post it note off then  you will be left with a crisp line.

3)      Line your upper and lower lash lines. I used liquid liner for the top lid and gel pencil liner for my water line. This helps to make the look more dramatic and dark.
4)      Get yourself some false lashes and stick them on. The lashes help make the look sultry and seductive, making your eyes stand out. Make sure you apply some mascara and then your eyes will look perfectly vampy!
5)      Next, contour your face with bronzer. It is best to use a dark shade so that it really stands out, giving your cheeks a hollow look. If you want to, you can use the post it note on your cheeks when you apply the bronzer so that you can get crisp lines to match the eye shadow.


6)      Moving onto the lips. Apply the black pencil liner as a lip liner and using a lip brush slightly blend this into the middle of the lip. Next fill in your lips with a dark red lipstick to give you a sexy vampire look. 
7)      Finally we have the fun part, fake blood. You can be as arty as you want with this. I dripped it down the sides of my mouth so that it looks like I just had a munch out of a human and I also put a little bit in the middle of my bottom lip. However you can add the blood where ever you want or of course you do not need to apply it at all!

8) To finish off the look I decided to go for a bed hair look so that I would look slightly scarier and more dead looking. I did this by teasing my hair with a backcombing brush. An alternative option is keeping your hair poker straight which will also be a great finish to the look.
Finished look

I hope you have found this helpful and had fun trying it out. Happy Halloween everybody!!!!

Saturday, 5 October 2013


Jewellery storage solutions completely vary from one version to another. They can be purely decorative solutions or to minimalist tidy.

My solutions. Here we have five jewellery story solutions we hope you can get inspiration from.

Rose Gold Rotary Jewellery Stand.

This is a beautifully designed jewellery stand which neatly holds your jewellery whilst allowing them to be visible so you don’t forget about certain items. This design is great as it can also be used to make your room more decorative.

Elephant Ring Holder.

This is so incredibly cute we simply couldn’t resist when we saw this in the shopping aisle. The idea is to store rings on the elephant’s trunk, but we just place our most worn rings on the base plate so we can still see our cute little friend!


This is another decorative figurine which can be used to store jewellery. I have my Christopher ward watch and my oversized statement ring displayed on this. It definitely makes my bookshelf more appealing!

Wooden jewellery Box

This is a traditional jewellery box design with pull out shelves which are great for bracelets, rings, ad earrings. The side shelves pull out with six hooks for necklaces and a top shelf that lifts up to reveal a mirror and more storage. This is great for those of you with a LOT of jewellery and not a lot of space for decorative storage solutions.


This is my favourite as it is minimalist, contemporary, and an easy to transport solution for jewellery storage.  You can customise the layers choosing the compartment design, and have as many layers as you like!  This also comes in a variety of different colours and finishes

How do you like to store your jewellery? Any fun and different ideas?

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