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I am always on the lookout for a new product that will give me a sun kissed glow, rather than the traditional oompa lumpa effect. With that in mind I tend to prefer tanning lotions that are gradual and can be built up over time to give a subtle or deep look depending on your preference. This also means that the tan is far more long lasting than the typical wash off fake tan.

I am incredibly picky when it comes to this type of product, as there are always several things across the tanning criteria check list that are always really poor. These include: Easy to use and hygienic packaging, a pump or press top, fragrance, orange tanning agents, natural ingredients, poor skin penetration and greasy residue.....But fear not lovelies, a tanning revelation has finally occurred (hoorah)!


Party Tan's self tanning lotion is simply amazing! The best product I have ever come across in the gradual tanning range (and believe me, as a tanning addict I have tried EVERYTHING). A lovely representative from ECS Leisure contacted us and we at TheBeautyBloggers were lucky enough to be able to trial a full size product, and boy, are we happy that we did. This is something to shout from the rooftops. This is a simply and hygienically packaged gradual self tanning lotions made from natural ingredients, without the horrific biscuity scent, absorbs instantly and gives the most beautiful sun kissed glow which is easily buildable for that I've enjoyed a weekend in Barcelona look.

What they say:


My experience:

Before applying the tanning lotion I thoroughly prepared my skin by using my body shop peach exfoliator, exfoliating mitt, and a body butter so that my skin surface was free of dead skin cells and ready to absorb the product. This was guaranteed a smooth streak free application with minimal chance of colour catching in bony prominences, such as the wrists, elbows and knees. Once my skin had absorbed the moisturiser I applied the same ratio of tanning lotion onto my body using a self tanning mitt to ensure smooth streak free application. Within a few hours the colour developed into a subtle tan shade. For those of you with paler skin tones this would probably be enough and would last at least a week, but I decided to attempt a deeper look. I used this product every other day totalling 3 days per week which resulted in a fantastic believable, natural looking sun kissed tan. People had asked as if i had a mini break abroad it looked so convincing. And better still the product lasted on my skin for an entire week, so minimal tan maintenance was required.
My favourite part of this product is a) It is made in the UK b) it is relatively inexpensive, retailing at £10.00 c) The scent is to die for and the ingredients are natural! d) I look as if I had come back from a weekend in the Caribbean!
I think this is a wonderful product for so many different reasons, and it is certainly about time a decent tanning lotion entered the market.
Make sure you get in touch with the lovely people at ECS Leisure to purchase one the best gradual tans ever made! ECS Leisure has been established in the tanning industry for over 20 years so you are in safe hands. Make sure you check out their website for more info about them, the link can be found below, also be sure to follow their twitter page which is also listed below J
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  2. Great post, I've been looking for a good gradual tanner myself, was using the Dove one but it started to go orange after a few days use and wears off so unevenly I looked ridiculous lol.

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  3. Spray tanning is MUCH safer than exposing your skin to the sun’s rays, but you still get a great ‘healthy’ tan.

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