Monday, 2 September 2013


Okay, so the time is nigh and we will soon all be back to school, but before you go back make sure you have all the essentials that you need in your school bag. To help you out we decided to do a ‘what’s in your school bag’ post so here we go …

 1st of all we have the most important thing, the school bag itself. Mine is a navy and white polka dot bag with tan leather detailing. It can be used as a shoulder bag or with the attachable strap it can be used as a cross body bag. The bag has one outer pocket on the front and another pocket inside as well as a mobile phone and iPod compartment so there is plenty of storage room. I purchased this bag from Primark for around £15. These are my favourite types of school bag because they are so big and I have a lot to fit in there … as you will see.

2ndly I have 4 folders which make up the bulk of my school bag. I have one for each of my A level subjects, I decided to go for cute and girly folders as I find that if the folder is pretty then I somehow enjoy the subject more. I know, it is really strange, but if you are crazy like me or not crazy and just like nice folders then get yourself down to Paperchase, Wilkinsons and WHSmiths to get some cutesy folders which will really brighten up your locker.

3rd is my pencil case and notebook. I bought both of these both from Wilkinsons while they were in the sale. The pencil case has 3 compartments which I find really useful; In compartment one I store all my pens, pencils, rulers and other stationary which would be used most frequently, in the small middle compartment I have my calculator, protractor and a pair of compasses, finally in the last compartment I store my coloured pencils, glue and scissors. I find it so much easier to work when all of my stationary is organised so then I know where it all is. Why don’t you give organising your pencil case a go? J

4th I have all my little essentials and bits and bobs that I find useful. I like to carry some lip balm, especially in winter when my lips get all chapped and rough. The lip balm I use is Burt’sBees as I find it much more hydrating than other lip balms such as Vaseline which just add a layer of grease; instead Burt’sBees lip balm actually hydrates my lips. I also have a pack of tissues – they don’t need explaining, a hairbrush for the days when my hair goes crazy or it is windy outside, Soap and Glory Mist You Madly body spray because it smells so good, a pack of mini playing cards so my friends and I don’t get bored during lunch and break times, plasters for just in case, a nail file because isn’t it irritating when your nails breaks at school and you can’t sort it out until you get home! And finally some oil blotting sheets for summer to prevent shiny looking skin which is a bit grim.

And last but not least I also carry my mobile and purse because I can’t go anywhere without them. I also have a key ring which I bought from France for my locker keys so fingers crossed I won’t lose them. The very last item in my school bag is a hand sanitizer. I am a bit of a germophobe so I have to carry this around with me, I am hoping that this will reduce the chances of getting ill this winter because whenever we get back to school there is always a cold that goes around to everybody! This has happened every year since year 7 and I always end up catching it, but hopefully this time my hand sanitizer will help to keep me cold free!

 This is everything I carry in my school bag, I realise this has been a bit of a long post but I hope that you have enjoyed it. Why don’t you follow us on twitter @The1BeautyBlog and let us know what you keep in your school bag.


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