Saturday, 28 September 2013


Once again, the lovely Caroline Hirons has convinced me into buying another skincare product after reading a blog post about cleansing oils. What an enabler!

 I am a new convert to cleansing balms and oils, and have tried several but Alpha-H seems to get it right every time. I am a fan of the brand, so I was extremely excited to try their cleansing oil. The Alpha-H Age delay cleansing oil is absolutely B-E-A-U-tiful! This is definitely one of my new found favourite skincare products.

I generally wear make up every day, and need something tough enough to remove the products from my skin at the end of a long day without causing redness or dryness to my skin. This product is incredibly moisturising due to the high percentage of oil within the product. When it is emulsified you can easily massage the product into the skin, which acts as a superb cleanser breaking down the longest lasting make up formulas, whilst hydrating my skin. I like to remove the formula with a flannel as I consider it more exfoliating than a muslin cloth. The cleansing oil has the same consistency as most cleansing balms, but with the most fantastic scent, infused with rosehip, citrus and floral like aromas.

After using this oil my skin felt incredibly soft and hydrated. It is packed in a simple tube with a flip lid so is definitely user friendly, hygienic and mess free! A little product goes a long way, so is a bargain at Cult beauty for £23.10 with free delivery!

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