Friday, 2 August 2013


This is a light- infusing serum used to hydrate, correct hyper-pigmentation and provide youthful looking skin. It is packaged in a chic and simple silver metallic glass bottle, with a pump to dispense the product. While some may say it is not particularly creative, I rather like the simple design, but it isn't about what the product looks like, it's the magic inside that counts?!

The claim: Immediately deeply hydrated skin, with an extra luminous glow. In one week your skin is more even. Correction of different types of dark spots begins. Marks start to fade; dark spots, sun spots and age-spots. In one month, dark spots are visibly reduced. Your skin tone is even and more luminous.

Our findings: As we have oily skin, the thought of using any product to add luminosity is a big NO! However as I tend to opt for full matt coverage, using a luminous serum prior to make-up application adds a controlled glow to give a youthful fresh faced look, compared to the traditional shine free, totally matt zone.

The product has a lovely light perfumed scent which is right up my street, and while we shouldn't rate our products on scent, it is certainly an added bonus! It is light in texture and feels silky, and has a pearlescent look, which must be the luminous particles that totally transform your complexion. It gives the same umph as the Touche Éclat, without large glitter particles. On application it instantly absorbs into the skin without leaving that horrible greasy residue typical of some formulations.

While all L'Oreal products are clinically trialled to provide their claims, my experience has shown that they are not entirely correct. The immediate glow and smooth hydrated skin, and the even complexion is given. Unfortunately hyper pigmentation and dark spots, after six months of testing, have not been reduced. Not even slightly. This may be different for each person but this was the aspect I was most intrigued by on purchasing the product. My skin was much smoother and did glow, but this did fade as the day went on. This serum reminds me of the Liz Earl brighten treatment mask - a quick fix to add life back to lacklustre skin. On that note, it works wonderfully giving a controlled even brightening yet flattering effect, which is important to those of you with combination/oil skin.

On balance, while I found this product did not entirely live up to the claims stated by L'Oreal, it is a fantastic luminising serum which is great to use on those days when you need a bit of extra help to look human! I will definitely be repurchasing this product again. It retails at £14.99 from Superdrug.

Let me know what you think, and if you know any other great serums for extra luminosity/ hyper pigmentation removal.

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