Tuesday, 27 August 2013


We have another Korean beauty product for you today! ….You know how strong our feelings are for Korean products :D

This is a cream from Etude House. It is the first ever product from this brand that we have tried and so far we love it.

The cream comes in a 60ml pot which lasts for months making it a very good investment. The container is a pearly apricot coloured jar which is rather deep making it slightly messy to get the cream out towards the end when you have to get your whole hand in to get the remains. The cream itself looks slightly white in the pot but as it slides onto the skin it becomes totally transparent.

The consistency of the cream is perfect. It is a relatively lightweight formula but it isn’t so heavy that it feels like it is blocking your pores. The collagen cream glides onto your skin easily and moisturises like a charm. I don’t think that my skin has ever felt this soft!

Now let’s talk about the collagen. This gives your skin a plum, firm feel which helps to promote youthful looking skin. It is also supposed to help reduce the appearance of fine lines but neither I nor my sister is at the age where we have lines so we can’t really comment on this yet. Sorry xxx But fingers crossed with long term use this may be a preventative step…….Stick around for the next 20 years and we will update you ;)

Over all, we love this cream. It does everything that a good cream should do: moisturises, plumps, is not sticky, is fragrance free, and does not cause break outs. For around £12 there is no way that we can fault this product and we will be purchasing it again.

If you have tried this product then let us know what you think to it. You can do this by tweeting us @The1BeautyBlog and we will be sure to reply to you :D

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