Saturday, 30 November 2013


Some of you may not know about this brand but it is our new love. Mally Beauty is an American brand, which we found rather hard to find in the UK.

This is a lovely trio of lipsticks that are designed to help hydrate and condition your lips to help prevent aging whilst giving you a fantastic tint of colour. The lipstick pencil has a very smooth and creamy consistency that feels very moisturising on application. The only thing similar in consistency would be the Revlon Lip Butters. I find this is particularly helpful in the winter months when you have to deal with the crisis of dry, chapped lips which make your normal lipstick look cakey.

These lipsticks come in 3 different shades, Perfect Rose, Pink Peoney and my personal favourite Berry Flush. They are nicely pigmented and give you medium – bold colour depending on how much you apply, also the colours are very wearable throughout the day and night.

We really recommend this brand and these lipsticks – You can get yours on the QVC website or maybe ask for it for Christmas ;)


Sunday, 17 November 2013


We decided to branch out from our Bobbi Brown gel liner, and to try something quite different, and what could be better than the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner. Because of our eye shape we prefer to be able to apply a thin line to out upper lash line which we would wing out or keep within the eye socket, and if needed thicken for line for dramatic looks. Therefore the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in the felt tip format sounded perfect to us. This must be the most precise eye liner ever made!

The nib is very fine and elongated, with the perfect shape to give you control and a smooth thick or thin line. The formula is long lasting and literally smudge proof: I was very happy to discover this after rubbing my eye post makeup application, but luckily for me all was good and nothing was out of place. The ink is incredibly pigmented and amazingly doesn’t fade throughout the day.

For £10.00 this eye liner is definitely a smart purchase.


Recently my nails have taken a turn for the worse, in the sense that they keep breaking! I know my job is rather hands on and constantly washing my hands isn't helping my dry brittle nails. I have asked around and tweeted about what I could use that would help, and there was a unanimous reply for O.P.I's Nail Envy which retails at £18.65 from Boots . I have seen this advertised and mentioned din the beauty world, but does it really live up to the hype?...........

The answer is YES. Yes it does.

You are supposed to coat your nails with two coats of the polish, and the on alternate days for the next week. For me that seemed rather excessive so I applied one coat at the beginning of the week and one more half way through for even coverage and my nails are as solid as a rock nail. I have been using this for about 3 months now and haven't looked back.

This product can be expensive but may also be found online at feel unique, or even ebay for as little as £8.00

Have you tried this product? If so, what are your thoughts?

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Sunday, 10 November 2013


My new found hero hair product: Percy and Reeds No Oil Oil.

As the name suggests there is little oil in this product, which is great for those of you like me with ultra fine hair. I do have a LOT of hair, but it is so fine that products can easily weigh it down. Consequently I like to use lightweight spray in conditioners and volumisers.

This product is fantastic and very different to other hair oil products. This has an incredibly lightweight formula that manages to perfectly smooth and add health shine to hair. As the product is so light weight I can use from the roots of my hair to the very tip without worrying that my hair will look greasy and weighed down.  I often do this to tame unruley strands of hair that just don't want to play ball.

The product has a useful pump to keep the product clean, hygienic and is easy to use. Additionally the packaging is transparent so you can keep track of how much product is remaining.

This product is great. Before I dry my hair i smooth one pump of the product through my hair to keep it calm and healthy looking. It is an easy maintenance free product for great looking hair. We only trailed a sample size product to decide if we wanted to go on to purchase a full size product, but we definitely will.

The Percy and Read Volumising No Oil Oil retails at £16.00 per 100ml from John Lewis.

Saturday, 9 November 2013


This month our favourite magazine of all time, Glamour, is giving away a free Nails Inc nail polish designed by the fantastic designer Kate Spade.

All together there are 4 different shades up for grabs:

Big Apple Red (glossy red)

New York Noir (glossy black)

Soho Silver (metallic silver)

Uptown Glamour (metallic champagne)

These are fantastic shades for the festive season that will see you through to the New Year.

Our festive favourite is the 'Uptown Glamour' nail polish which is a stunning golden metallic colour that makes gives us a luxurious polished feel, and completes any outfit. This metallic shade is flattering on any skin tone and lasts a good week before chipping (after Seche Vite top coat) and applies beautifully without streaking.

We are so pleased with this latest addition to our Nails Inc collection and we can’t wait to collect a few more. The December issue of Glamour magazine is out now – Have you bought yours yet?

Sunday, 3 November 2013


We have been on the lookout for a new fragrance for this time of year, something quite sophisticated, and moving away from the florally, citrusy scents of summer. Our favourite scents include Miss Dior Cherie, Marc Jacobs Daisy and Honey perfume, and Chanel Chance.  After several hours of searching we have found the perfect perfume.

Idole d'Armani is elegant, sophisticated and classic. It may come across as a more mature scent but I think it is certainly acceptable for people in their 20's! I am 21 and I love this fragrance for evenings out or even during the day. So I would say it is personal preference. Some days I am in the mood for sickly sweet scents such as Britney Spears Fantasy, and other days I prefer more mature sophisticated scents such as Gucci Premier, and Calvin Klein Contradiction.

This scent in particular is rather oriental and spicy. It does have floral and citrus tones, but they differ completely to the above scents. The perfume has top notes of Clementine, pear, ginger; with middle notes of saffron and jasmine.

I absolutely adore this perfume. It is beautifully packaged, has a luxurious scent, and is incredibly long lasting.  I would certainly recommend this product to anybody who asks, and I think it is something that could make a lovely Christmas gift. 

You can find this online at Feel Unique for £37.00 for 50ml.

What is your favorite fragrance?

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