Wednesday, 19 June 2013


BB cream’s or blemish balm’s are the new craze that everybody wants to get involved in. And why not? This multi-purpose product works as a serum, moisturiser, primer, foundation and SPF, which is great for people on the go.

Authentic Korean BB creams including, Missha Perfect Cover is completely differ to western formulations. This product gives a buildable medium-full coverage look, without looking 'cakey', due to its light weight texture. Normally I would apply the product at 7am, and at 8.30pm the coverage is still rather impressive.

This product is suitable for a broad range of skin types, including acne prone, oily skin, to sensitive, drying skin for young and mature skin types. My sister and I have combination blemish prone skin, so we personally found the "mattifying, whitening, scar reducing, pore minimising" claims the most interesting. After using this product for almost a year now, I can confidently say that I haven’t noticed my acne scars to fade at all, nor a whitening effect. However this product causes no irritation, covers break outs and if anything suppresses them, whilst combating oily skin and minimising the appearance of pores. 

The Missha bb cream comes in 3 different shades, #13 very bright, #21 bright, and #23 Natural and calm. The bb cream I use is #21 Bright and is the perfect shade, whilst Steph uses shade #23. The bb creams may only come in 3 colours but picking a shade to fit your skin colour is not a problem. The product initially appears as a grey mask on application, but don’t be alarmed: Within a few minutes the product oxidises and matches your skin colour perfectly.

The 50ml product is in a convenient pump bottle. However when you think you have finished the contents of your bb cream, think again! Cut off the top and scrape out the remains – I have found a further 2 week application from this alone!

Comparing this bb cream to western brands such as Garnier and No7, this gives a very natural, matt finish, whereas I personally found that the western brands had an unnatural orange tone and left the skin looking greasy, with poor coverage.

The Korean product can be purchased online from retailing at £9.78 with postage, which is great value compared to some high street products because of the brilliant coverage and lasting power.

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