Thursday, 20 June 2013


So this modest looking container contains what I personally consider to literally be liquid gold!

The Liquid Gold solution contains a safe amount of Glycolic Acid - fear not: You will not wake up with flaking skin on your pillow as a result of a DIY acid peel. Rather the opposite in fact. You will wake with glowing skin, with an improved appearance in tone, and texture, and minimised pores. This form of chemical exfoliation is more beneficial than manual exfoliants which are too harsh on the skin, and are not recommended. With long term use, it has also improved hyper pigmentation and acne scaring, as a result of the most severe form of acne in my teens. To look back and reflect on the condition of my skin when I was 14, to the affects of medication from dermatologists, which left hyper pigmentation and severe scaring, to now - the results are incredible. The great thing about this product is even after the first use instant results are visible, unlike other products where there may only be a slight difference over the space of several months.

When using the product it is important to have thoroughly cleansed skin, free of any other product. Pour a small amount of the solution onto a cotton wool pad and gently wipe this over your face and décolleté, avoiding the eye and lip area. The first thing I expect you to notice, or at least I certainly did, is the odd tingling sensation - it's almost as though you can feel the dead surface skin cells being broken down. I have recommended this product to my friends, some of whom have sensitive skin and they found the product did not irritate their skin at all, and were astounded at the morning after results.

As I have said, this product has been in my skin care routine for years now, but it is strange to think that so many people out there have not heard of this skin care marvel! If any of you out there do, or have suffered with acne, you will know how annoying trying to cover scaring and hyper pigmentation is, but with continual use I can guarantee that this product will erase such effects. And what is even more impressive is that a subtle BB cream is all I now need, rather than coatings of foundation, derma-blend and powder.

This product isn't suitable for teenage skin. I started to use this product when I turned 20 and I have never looked back. It is important though, to maintain a good skincare regime moisturising day and night in-between Alpha-h treatments. I use this products 2-3 evenings a week, and use serums and moisturisers in-between. Also after using Alpha-h it is important to wear SPF when in the sun, as the very top layer of your skin has been shed, and you may easily burn.

You can buy this product online at  Liquid Gold retails at £31.50 for a 100ml bottle, or £44.95 for a 200ml bottle. There is free shipping world wide, so spread the word and get your hands on this skin care must have! You will never look back.

It would be great to hear from you and about your skin care experience with Alpha-h or other products.
Steph :)

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