Saturday, 5 October 2013


Jewellery storage solutions completely vary from one version to another. They can be purely decorative solutions or to minimalist tidy.

My solutions. Here we have five jewellery story solutions we hope you can get inspiration from.

Rose Gold Rotary Jewellery Stand.

This is a beautifully designed jewellery stand which neatly holds your jewellery whilst allowing them to be visible so you don’t forget about certain items. This design is great as it can also be used to make your room more decorative.

Elephant Ring Holder.

This is so incredibly cute we simply couldn’t resist when we saw this in the shopping aisle. The idea is to store rings on the elephant’s trunk, but we just place our most worn rings on the base plate so we can still see our cute little friend!


This is another decorative figurine which can be used to store jewellery. I have my Christopher ward watch and my oversized statement ring displayed on this. It definitely makes my bookshelf more appealing!

Wooden jewellery Box

This is a traditional jewellery box design with pull out shelves which are great for bracelets, rings, ad earrings. The side shelves pull out with six hooks for necklaces and a top shelf that lifts up to reveal a mirror and more storage. This is great for those of you with a LOT of jewellery and not a lot of space for decorative storage solutions.


This is my favourite as it is minimalist, contemporary, and an easy to transport solution for jewellery storage.  You can customise the layers choosing the compartment design, and have as many layers as you like!  This also comes in a variety of different colours and finishes

How do you like to store your jewellery? Any fun and different ideas?

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  1. I use a figurine aha Nixi xx