Tuesday, 23 July 2013


This is another Korean skin care product that is simply amazing. We initially trialled a sample of this serum, but instantly fell in love with it after the first use, so we felt compelled to purchase a full sized bottle. The serum contains marine stem cell complex which helps to balance radiance, moisture and elasticity to give a youthful complexion. This is done simply by filling in the gaps inside the skin to create smooth rejuvenated skin.
The ingredients included in the product are:
1. ULVALAX:  So called as nutrient storage of the sea, rich in Polypeptide and essential vitamins, it helps make your skin healthy, and provides elasticity.
2. RHIZOPHARA MANGLE CALLUS CULTURE EXTRACT: Natural seawall in the Caribbean Sea and southeast coastline, it soothes and protects the Skin against harmful environmental factors, whilst keeping the skin moisturised.
3. CHAETOMORPHA SOLITARIA CALLUS CULTURE EXTRACT:  Seaweed of Cladophoraceae, containing vitamin and minerals aid skin by giving a youthful smooth complexion.
4.HIZIKIA CALLUS CULTURE EXTRACT: Seaweed which makes scenery in deep sea, containing salt like calcium and iodine, it helps pure and clear skin.
5. EXTRAT OF THE ROOT OF HYACINTH: A Hydroponic plant which grows naturally in the Mediterranean keeps skin balance and makes moist skin.
As you can see from the ingredients it is a natural skin product which works wonders for your skin. The serum itself is white in colour, fragrance free, with a medium consistency. 2-3 pumps of the product is al that is needed after cleansing and toning.
The results the next morning are outstanding! My face felt as soft as silk. My face had never been so moisturised without feeling greasy. If you were to regularly use this product I think the results would be incredible and your skin would be totally transformed. This is now an essential item in my skincare routine. We purchased this serum here for £16.71 which for 40ml is a bargain, especially considering the reputation of the MISSHA brand.
If you have tried this product or any other Korean Serums let us know how you found them in the comments area below- we are always looking to try out new things!
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