Saturday, 27 July 2013


Alberto VO5 Strong Hold Weather Resistant Hair Spray


L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Classic Strength Hairspray


We consider these to be our top of the high street budget friendly hairsprays...but which is the ultimate champion? Time to battle it out!

We trialled both sprays, half a head each, and were able to compare the results as the day went on. We both sported sleek up do's for the occasion, and thought it was the ultimate test for a long 12 hour day, facing harsh weather conditions: heat, humidity, wind, and rain.


Alberto VO5 Strong Hold Weather Resistant Hair Spray


·         Brushes out easily with minimal remaining residue.

·         Lovely fruity scent - not the traditional suffocating feeling!

·         Incredibly long lasting - 12 hours.

·         Natural looking finishes - no obvious hairspray visible, but holds well.

·         Exceptionally endures all weather conditions.

·         Awesomely cute packaging.

·         Adds a health shine to hair.

·         Fast drying.

·         UV filters to protect hair against environmental damage.


·         Preferable without a lid like Elnett design - easier to travel with and saves time.


L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Classic Strength Hairspray


·         Brushes out easily and leaves hair feeling softer than the VO5 Hairspray.

·         Long-lasting - 10 hours.

·         Provides a sleek natural effect without any obvious product in the hair due to micro diffuser.

·         Simple, classic design and packaging - very well put together.

·         Fast drying.

·         Prevents frizz in humid conditions.

·         Easy to travel with and use on the go.


·         Distinct scent that is personally considered overwhelming - open windows people!

·         Not entirely weather resistant: Wind& Rain.

Both Hairsprays are fantastic high street products, and after battling it out we have concluded it is a tie! Sarah prefers VO5, and I am loyal devotee to Elnett. Both are great products, and easily compete to high end premium hairsprays.

Both products may be purchased in Boots, as well as other high street stores. VO5 400ml retails at £3.05 and Elnett 400ml retails at £6.60.

What do you think to these products, and which are your favourites?

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