Monday, 2 December 2013


The Balmi Cube

I think anybody interested in beauty must have heard of the EOS lip balms which are coveted in the States, but here in England it is rather hard to get hold of them. So we have Balmi instead!  These virtually look identical to the EOS lip balms. In this advent calendar I was lucky enough to receive the Mint lip balm. This contains SPF 15 and with the mint extract, similarly to the mint Burt's Bees lip balm, it has a lovely cooling effect. It is almost as though you can feel the balm working and is incredibly hydrating.  This is the perfect handbag size, not too big, not too small and is easy to apply and mess free.

This lip balm is available in different flavours including, Mint, Strawberry, Raspberry and Coconut and is available at Boots for £2.99

Have you guys tried the Balmi products? If so what did you think?


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  1. I have used the sphere one, and did a review : I agree! Love your blog Nixi xx